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Germ cells are required to maintain a stable sexual phenotype in adult zebrafish. Developmental Biology This is an extreme example of phenotypic plasticity — the ability of animal to change its form due to a cue from the environment. Sex reversal requires considerable changes to both the reproductive system testis or ovary and changes to secondary sex characteristics such as pigment, body shape. One example of sex-reversal occurring in nature is observed in some species of goby fish.

Sex reversal

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Some success has been achieved in the development of such mono-sex cultures by the use of androgenic and estrogenic steroids for masculinization of genotypic females and feminization Of genotypic males, respectively Jalabert et al. Tilapia, a favoured fish for culture in native Africa and elsewhere, is known to attain sexual maturity at an early age and breed repeatedly at short intervals thereafter. This often results in stunted growth due to crowded conditions for energy is expended for reproduction rather than for growth, Hickling, Masculinization of genotypic females of three species of tilapia, Sarotherodon Tilapia mossambicus, Sarotherodon Tilapia nilotica, Sarotherodon Tilapia zilli and Sarotherodon Tilapia aurea, has been achieved by feeding methyltestosterone and ethynyltestosterone in the diet to fry, and similarly monosex female tilapia have been produced by treatment with estrone, ethynylestradiol and stilbesterol Hopkins, Shelton and Engle, ; Guerrero, , While steroid administration is capable of reversing sex in tilapia, the percentage of fishes showing sex reversal is highly variable.

Sex-reversal in adult fish

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