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It is only in the last few years that we have come to realize how devastating this abuse is to the victims and that survivors have found a voice to come forward. And it is only in the last two decades that law enforcement has somewhat haltingly recognized the need to attempt to deal with this abuse more aggressively. Those of us involved in treating survivors of sexual abuse and trauma realize that there are two factors that are frequently overlooked. Abusers are extremely adept at grooming not just their victims but also the social environment in which they operate. The internet adds to this ability of abusers to hide in plain sight.


Two women’s loud hotel sex mistaken for a fight, leads to gunshots | WPIX 11 New York

Share via Email AB would would require janitorial employers to provide biennial, in-person sexual violence and harassment prevention training for janitorial workers. While working the night shift, Aguirre was raped by her supervisor and sexually assaulted a year later at a different work site. In the midst of an epidemic of sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault facing nightshift janitors, Aguirre and dozens of other janitors in California are fighting back to enact into law sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training led by the workers themselves. A May report conducted by the Labor Occupational Health Program at University of California-Berkeley, found industry dysfunction in janitorial services contributed to low wages and persistent hazards exposing workers to risks of sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, and few resources are available or utilized by subcontractor janitorial services to prevent and stop sexual harassment and sexual violence. The report noted that the frequency of sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault of janitors is not well documented, due in large part to underreporting, but surveys that have been conducted demonstrate a widespread problem throughout the industry. Nearly janitors are currently trained as promotoras, ready to start going into workplaces to conduct trainings with fellow workers.

'We lived it': nightshift janitors lead fight to prevent sexual assault on the job

SMS Townson, MD — Police responded for a fight inside a hotel room, then it turned out it was just two women having loud sex, it ended with a security guard getting shot at. It all started when two clerks working at the front desk of the hotel got a call from one of the rooms. During the call, the workers reportedly heard two people fighting in the background, prompting the on-duty security guard to call police.

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