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When it comes to preparing for anal sex, the talking should start before the activities. Explain your goals and desires and hesitance. A positive experience may be the difference between trying anal sex again or swearing it off forever! And preparation can make anal sex safer.

First Time Anal Is Always Painful So Guy Started With His Finger

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Tina Klaeger 24 June, I am a year-old woman and I tried anal sex with my boyfriend for the first time recently. He used his saliva to lubricate my anus, and that made it easier for him to insert his inch erect penis into my asshole while I was lying on my back in an anal missionary position. As his penis slowly penetrated my anus and rectum, I tried to stay calm and relaxed, taking long and deep breaths as the width of his shaft stretched my anal sphincter muscles wide. As the cock penetrates balls deep into your asshole, the lubrication of the saliva will help the tip of the cock slide all the way through your rectum and, if the cock is longer than average, the tip of the cock will partially penetrate your sigmoid colon, which gives the female a very satisfying feeling of being filled by a warm, throbbing cock. As he saws his cock back and forth inside your rectum and colon, the friction caused by that anal thrusting will give both of you amazing pleasure. This pleasure will encourage the male to thrust harder, deeper, and faster. That intense anal thrusting will cause the female to experience intense pleasure that will distract her from the pain of the stretching sphincter muscles.

6 Things To Know Before You Try Anal Sex

By Amanda Chatel May 27, I had anal sex for the first time in college. Before then, my opinions on anal sex were ignorant. I thought that women who engaged in such a sex act probably had something wrong them — which I know now is completely NOT the case. But what do you expect from a sheltered kid from New Hampshire?

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