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Are Stockings Still in Style? Yes definitively! Stockings, especially, hosiery that features texture, color and pattern are back in style. To learn more about this topic, we reached out to celebrity stylists, bloggers, and influencers for their expert opinions.

Why More Women Wear Stockings for Work?

Thigh highs, Pantyhose and Tights: A History of Hosiery

Pantyhose History. How Were Tights Invented However, the first users of this invention were not the females. Women inherit of tights after men. Initially, tights were a symbol of aristocracy and an inseparable element of men's attire in the salons who wore them from the 11th to the 19th century. Until the beginning of the 19th century, stockings were made of silk.

Pantyhose History. How Were Tights Invented...

Share on Facebook I was all prepared to write a blog today about pantyhose and how I miss them and want to be able to wear them again, especially during the cold winter. I was expecting to have to defend myself for taking an unpopular stand. I knew that hosiery had gone out of style years ago.
Just as culture and popular fashion have evolved over the decades, so too has hosiery. A Royal Beginning Hosiery's first origins can be found in its name, a term deriving from the Anglo-Saxon Old English word " hosen " which means covering. Believe it or not, "hose" or "hosiery" were worn as early as the 15th and 16th centuries. At first, was worn almost exclusively by European noble men. This was for practical reasons of the era such as better mobility while riding horseback.
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