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BenHooker Duration: 78min 50sec Views: 43 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by: Description: First of all this isn't so much a fantasy movie as it is an old adult movie flick with a twist. The character played by Loni goes to a bar with her boyfriend, she leaves pretending to have a headache, but takes off with one the hostesses. He picks up another hostess that happens to live together with the first one they all end up on the same apartment, they all end up in bed together who would have thought! The music, the setting and the style is cheesy but that is also part of the charm. You can see that the film was not shot on video but on film, the sets and lighting and photography are done reasonably well and don't compare with cheap porn shot during the late '80s or nighties. I've seen other she-male movies and didn't like any of them, this one being the only exception.

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