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To commemorate the anniversary, there will be a movie released this spring in Japan that features characters from the original series. However, behind the excitement is a bittersweet feeling that comes from not having a female duelist to look up to as fan. The protagonist of the original series is Yugi Motou, a boy who loves games and puzzles but is often bullied. When Yugi solves an ancient Egyptian artifact called The Millennium Puzzle, his body becomes a host to a spirit who is extremely skilled at Duel Monsters.

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Contact Author The Hottest Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Okay, so to incinerate foes, you'll want the fire attribute and the pyro type—ooh, you mean the hottest cards. Yikes; but aren't these just inanimate pieces of paper? Well, maybe so, but whether or not you understand falling for a trading card, you might be surprised just how many steamy fanfics exist involving forbidden acts with these lovely ladies. After all, Yu-Gi-Oh is generally geared towards younger men. And if there's one thing us guys love more than slaying monsters, it's pretty gals.

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