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Any problems with trimming the last bit of that sentence out, or at least changing it? Onebravemonkey Thanks! Much better! There are many people who could'nt care less that she is a Dame, but would like to see her without clothes. Do you have a better example?

Helen Mirren reveals news about filming naked scenes

Helen Mirren Reveals The One Nude Scene She Didn’t Mind Filming | Vanity Fair

Brighton Rock A reasonable attempt at updating the Graham Greene classic to s mods v rockers. Mirren is good as the blowsy but good-natured teashop manager who makes it her business to bring Pinkie to justice. She is a little upstaged by her wryly unbelieving colleague Tom Conti , who is in love with her, as well as apparently the vessel for actual miracles. The Clearing Interesting, possibly underrated straight-to-video release with Mirren as the wife of a kidnapped businessman played by Robert Redford. Shadowboxer Whoa! A freaky classic from director Lee Daniels, with one of the great weird star pairings. Mirren plays Rose, a contract killer, living with her lover — who is also her stepson, played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

Dame Helen Mirren slams film bosses for posting photos of naked stars online

Caligula Penthouse Films International 5. She was in an erotic film produced by the founder of Penthouse If you're reading this, you probably already know Mirren often appears naked onscreen. You felt embarrassed if you had your clothes on in that movie.
I just saw this film and found it absolutely delightful. As others have noted, Helen Mirren is a wonder as a young girl working out the relationship between her body's strength and its beauty, and how each can help her get what she wants. There is one moment, when she takes control of a motorboat after having dumped a would-be lover overboard, when I saw the future Jane Tennison. James Mason is also marvelous as the obsessive painter.
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