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If you get injured or get sick, you best believe that we would know what to do. There is no halfway when it comes to this. If you were to ever panic about something, we can help calm you down with our super calming nurse powers and help you through the problem at hand. Three letters: C. We know how to do it.

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I've been married to a nurse for more than a quarter of a century, and let me tell you, nurses are not what you expect and I don't even care what you expect, because you are wrong! Let's begin by tearing down some of the more famous assumptions about nurses right off the top: The Nurse as Sex Kitten: Any man who lived through the early seventies or has made it a point to rent such famous videos as "Night Duty Nurses" or "Student Nurses" or "Night Duty Student Nurses" or any one of several dozen nurse-centric skin flicks will immediately believe that all nurses have heaving bosoms, just millimeters away from popping out of skin tight white uniforms. You will also believe that nurses always wear white garters, fishnet hose, and stilettos. The reality is that most nurses wear scrubs - Shapeless, draping hunks of cotton that could cause you to breeze past Pamela Anderson without a second look. Shoes are white and chunky with blobs of things on them better left Unexplored. Socks replace white hose and garters, and when is the last time Anyone saw a nursing cap? Graduation, perhaps?

95 of the Funniest Nursing Memes and Nurse eCards

Men looking for a serious relationship know that most professional women are not going to risk their career doing something stupid. The chances of hooking up with a nurse who pops pills like Nurse Jackie are highly unlikely. Chances are, most nurses you meet will be fun, yet serious, and careful about the image they show the outside world.
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