Letterpress Stories

Part of our brief for the Letterpress Reimagined Project has been to share experiences and stories from those who have had careers in the printing trade. Often, we only get to hear about these experiences if we sit down and talk to someone, or if they come from a member of our family. We felt it was important that these kind of stories find a wider audience – that these skills and experiences are not lost in our increasingly fast-paced, hi-tech society.

Over the next few days, as we prepare for the Letterpress Reimagined concluding symposium, we’re going to be sharing some of those stories – a couple of these are from our trip to the Print Workshop at Amberley Museum, one comes from conversations held during the project exhibition, and today’s comes from someone who’s been an incredible help to the project as a whole.

Ken Burnley hails from the north-west, and has helped us behind the scenes with some massively helpful tips and guidance. This is his story:

Ken Burnley


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