Week Four

So, the autumn sun is shining, and we are looking forward to another week of workshops at Sissinghurst Castle.

Six workshops in, the volunteer team have grasped the fundamentals of letterpress printing well. They are a great bunch: eager, unflinching, tenacious and hilarious. It is a joy to work with them.

Our challenges this week will be to print, print and print…, to print with aplomb. Last week we motored treadled our way through 37 copies of the front page of the poem. We need to get to about 200 this week, to cut some more paper, and to start printing the inner pages of the poem.

We also now have the brackets to be able to finish the typesetting of the third page, which includes the lines:

           I am content to leave the world

           (Busy with politic perplexity,)



Behind the scenes, I’ll be working on the poem introduction / afterword, getting these ready to send off for the creation of photopolymer plates. These will allow us to print these heavier blocks of texts using the press, but will mean we don’t have to type-set and justify nigh on 1000 words of text 🙂

We also have the delights of the trip to the Print Workshop at Amberley Museum to look forward to. We’ll be looking at many different types of press, being talked through some of the processes involved in traditional printing, and hopefully chatting with some experts and enthusiasts.


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