‘Sissinghurst’ – Poem Test Prints

I thought these images of our test runs of the ‘Sissinghurst’ poem prints deserved its own post! You can clearly see the progression and improvement from the first image, through to the latter three, when we had added more packing to the press bed.

These test runs were printed on an Adana five-three press, just to allow us to see if the spacing etc looked ok:


First attempt:


With improvements:






3 thoughts on “‘Sissinghurst’ – Poem Test Prints

  1. Hi, your latest poem prints are looking good!

    I see that you are using separate fi and fl letters when they appear together in some words, e.g. finger. These would look better using fi and fl ligatures (if they have been cast!) and also prevent the kern (the overhanging bit of the ‘f’) from breaking off. If you do not have any, I have some in 12pt Baskerville which I could let you have!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes

    Ken Burnley


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