Photo Log – Day One

Here are just a few snaps from the first day of our Letterpress Reimagined workshops at Sissinghurst Castle.

Here, the team are gathered in the tower at Sissinghurst Castle, looking at the original Hogarth Press situated there:

LP day 1d

LP Day 1c

In these two, Vicki is treadling the Minerva with wild abandon, whilst explaining some of the finer points of the press and its functions:

LP Day 1 b

LP Day 1

Special thanks to Carla for these wonderful photos!


2 thoughts on “Photo Log – Day One

  1. Hi, good to read of your project! But you are using en (nut) spaces between the words; these are too wide. The traditional standard word space is a mid or, at most, a thick space.

    Contact me if you need more help.


    Ken Burnley
    (ex-compositor and owner of Silver Birch Press)


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